A friend of mine who owned his business asked me should I rent my office or buy one. I advised him to buy one in his name and rent it to his company. I gave him the following example.

Assume you were paying yourself a monthly salary of $5,000. You have to pay about 25% Federal Income Tax plus 15% FICA tax. Note I rounded the Tax off from 15.3%. Now by changing this Salary to a rental payment from your company you do not pay the 15% FICA tax. Moving this to rental income you get to keep the total $5,000 each month until the next tax year, thus increasing your cash flow. This assumes you do not owe more than $1,000 in Federal Income Taxes at the end of the prior year otherwise you have to pay Federal Income Tax using quarterly estimates. The best part is you now do not pay any FICA tax and save 15.3% which is about $9,000 per year thus saving you a lot of money. Now keep in mind these numbers are not exact but they are close to correct. How hard is it to save this kind of money? As any normal person knows it is very hard to save 15% a year.  

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