I would get ready for a big market crash if President Obama gets back in office. Look at the holdings you have and if they are at or near the last 5 year lows then you may not have to much to worry about. However if you have purchased these stocks near the highs take your profits and sit back too see what happens with the election.
My theory is to sell if I see a 5% drop or more from the current prices. PHK and PHT have fallen more than this in the last 2 weeks. You can always buy these back at a lower price.
Just a general comment to me it seems that EOS is somewhat safe along with NLY and ARR. Also PMF a PIMCO Bond fund maybe a good place to put your money. 

Once the market bottoms out buy back what you have sold at lower prices. Once again look at the 3 to 5 year lows on bigcharts.com  
9/15/2021 04:37:58 pm

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