CONSULTANT: Thomas H. Ward, MBA in International Business with over 30 years experience in export and import of goods and services.  Has done work for KIA, Inc, RCA, Zenith, Texas Instruments, Stuart Coatings, and SKC (Korea), to name a few companies. Import / Export experience with China, Japan, S. Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, Mexico, North America, and South America. 

I wrote the book LETTERS OF CREDIT AND DOCUMENTARY COLLECTIONS available on Amazon, Kindle and, Xlibris publishing.  Go to:

If you need help to export or import goods or services I can provide the following at low costs.

1. Help to set up a Letter of Credit for export, providing you step by step guidance.

2. Help to review Letters of Credit and Bills of Lading for your export shipment to make sure you are adhere to the terms of the LC.

3. Arrange Shipping for your export goods with a dependable Freight Forwarding Agent that can handle HAZMAT or DANGEROUS goods. Shipments can be made from LA, Chicago, New York, or Houston. 

4. I can make sure you will be paid so your risk of nonpayment is zero.

5. I can show you how to use a Letter of Credit to obtain an Assignment of Proceeds Letter from your bank to avoid making a costly Transferable Letter of Credit. An Assignment of Proceeds Letter does not advise who the customer or supplier is keeping this information private.

6. I can advise you what Banks to use to reduce your Banking charges when using a Letter of Credit.

These are just some of the services I offer. Email me with your problems and questions I will reply at no cost to you. Let me help you make more money.

Contact me at: I provide low fees with excellent service.

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