There are many fine accounting programs out on the market that can be used, but QuickBooks is one of the best and easiest. You should become familiar with all the features of the accounting programs you utilize.

A good program can provide almost everything you may need to obtain the necessary reports. The key reports and information required are these:

1 . A weekly sales report that shows you the sales for the month but should be printed out weekly. This is discussed in the next chapter.

2. The trend analysis, or monthly statement, can also be obtained from QuickBooks. Exhibits 2a and 2b are custom produced statements made in an easy to read format. The monthly statement shows your sales and profits for each month.

3. Unpaid Bills exhibit 4b is a list of all of your companies unpaid invoices.

4. Open Purchase Order: These are purchase orders made by your company but you have not been invoiced for yet by the supplier exhibit 4c..

5. Open Invoices are all unpaid invoices and it shows all the customers that owe your company money in exhibit 4d.

6. The inventory list shows the items in your stock and your cost for each item in exhibit 5.

7. A breakeven table that shows the sales amount on the y axis and the gross profit percentage on the x axis in exhibit 3. This shows what sales you need to breakeven and will be discussed in Chapter 5.

The above items can all be obtained from good accounting programs. Some of these reports will be used to make the "net value analysis", which is discussed in chapter 6. 

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