Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and read one of my books.  Since I am now retired I can have more time to write which I enjoy doing. Many people have told me how much they enjoyed my American Gaijin in Asia travel stories. Even more have told me how THE RACE FOR MONEY has helped them to have a better retirement income.

One of my friends got lucky and won $500,000 in the lottery but he did not know how to invest the money. He read my book and is and making over 10% a year and will be set for retirement in 10 years.  He told his Father about it who was making 3 to 4% a year on his retirement money and now he is hauling in 12% a year. It is great to see people who benefit from my book. If you find it helped you please email me. Good or bad let me know how you like my books. Do a review on Amazon and let everyone know if you like it or not.

Many have advised me that my Small Business Accounting Tools book and Letters of Credit ; How They Work have helped their Small Business in International Sales and become profitable.

My Children’s book True Life Adventures of Tommy and Ronnie, a book about my brother and I growing up has be well received and is being looked at for use in grade schools. I will be writing more adventures soon.

Thanks again.

Thomas H. Ward 

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