I highly recommend this business book,  “FINDING INVESTORS TO FUND YOUR BUSINESS” (An Entrepreneur’s Strategic Guide to Raising Capital), written by Erica Drake, CEO and Managing Partner of Maverick Approach Consultants. This can be purchased on line at www.themaverickapproach.com.

Written for Entrepreneurial students or current Entrepreneur’s this book is a must read and is a self learning experience. If you are a Entrepreneur this book covers making business plans and cash flow everything from soup to nuts. After reading this and using the interactive CD templates you will be a expert ready to obtain the funding your business may need.  

Veteran entrepreneur and leading business coach, Erica Drake takes you through a two-part proven approach to the process of raising capital for your privately held company. In Part I of her book, she teaches you the Maverick Approach -- a step-by-step method of systematically approaching the daunting task of raising capital. These steps include the preparation phase: how to prepare, plan and create perception.  Drake then teaches you the intricacies and language of the investment landscape, including how to understand corporate structuring, develop strategies to protect your control, all about debt, equity and bootstrapping capital, and then how to formulate your own corporate valuation.  In the final phase of Part I, Drake then teaches you to how to find, meet with, and close a deal with investors.      

In Part II of the book, theory turns into action!  Drake gives you a total start-up kit for building your battle plan.  Complete with interactive CD templates to build your business plan, financial projections and investor presentation, this section is invaluable to your success.  Drake explains in a simple method how to create each element using maverick strategies that attract investor’s attention and close a deal.  Drake then gives you a full-length business plan example to teach you how to properly present your total battle plan in a powerful format.

Finally, Drake gives you sample investor questions and answers to prepare for your presentation, along with a list of key hunting grounds to start prospecting for your investors.

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